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GT Freight elevator cabs

Features: manufactured using 14-gauge steel.          

Standard finish: 

·        Satin coated steel panels - Light grey painted

·         #4 Stainless steel finishes is also available

·         Wall bumpers are available in wood, steel and stainless steel   

·         Fluorescent lights are recessed into the canopy

·         Finished floors are available in a variety of materials, including checkerplate steel and hardwood

Each cab is custom-built based on project requirements.
Doors and gates from all major suppliers can be accommodated.

ASME A17.1 code requirements for minimum rated capacity are as follows:

Class A (General freight loading) — 50 lbs. per sq. ft.

Class B (Motor vehicle loading) — 30 lbs. per sq. ft.

Class C-1 (Industrial truck loading – truck carried by elevator) — 50 lbs. per sq. ft., but not less than load, including weight of truck.

Class C-2 (Industrial Truck Loading – truck is normally used for loading and unloading only and is not usually carried by elevator) — for elevators of 20,000 lbs. capacity or less capacity shall equal the weight of the loaded truck — maximum load on platform during loading and unloading not exceed 150% of rated load.

Class C-3 (Other loading with heavy concentrations where truck is not usually used) — 5 – lbs. per. sq. ft., but not less than load.

Freight cab example


Freight cab installation